Advanced Paramedical Esthetics

The course educates students to assist dermatologists and skin care specialists to perform advanced medical skin care treatments. Content:


Pre and post surgical skin care procedures
AHA acid peels
Amino acid treatments
Skin Electro Therapy

Aromatherapy Course

At the completion of the course the students will be knowledgeable on “ the world of scents and Aromatherapy” ,will have an idea about purchasing oils, and know how essential oils benefit the skin.

History of essential oils
Extraction of essential oils
Use of oil on different skin types
Recommendations and contraindications of essential oils
Skin care treatments incorporating essential oils

Bridal Dressing

Courses in Beauty Therapy

Beauty Therapy is one of the most rewarding careers for those who love making people look and feel good. Imagine yourself as a professional, fully-qualified beauty therapist! We can offer you recognized beauty courses that will give you the beauty training to establish your new career.

Diploma in Beauty Therapy
Certification: Ramani Arsecularatne International Academy Duration: 6 months

Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy
Certification: Ramani Arsecularatne International Academy Duration: 6 months

NVQ level IV Beauty Therapy

Make Up courses

Certificate in Foundations of Makeup( duration 2 months )
This course is perfect for everyone; whether you are a beginner or a makeup artist that is looking to refine their skills. We will teach you to use the right tools and how to put the right color schemes together to ensure that the overall look will come out picture perfect! Enjoy an action-packed course with an educator with over 20 years experience who will take the time to answer all your questions about the industry and teach you all of the tips of the trade.

The Evolution Of Make-Up
I Make-Up Essentials I Color Theory I Face Structure And Variation I Understanding Basic Lighting I Professional Brushes I The Art Of Perfect Skin And Foundations I Highlighting And Contouring Eye Make-Up I Understanding Different Eye-Shapes I Working With Pigments I Precise Lipstick Application I Color Mixing And Experimentation I Foundation Techniques I Party/Informal Make-Up

Career call : Make up Artist

Mehendi Designs

Our Henna Body Art (Mehendi) course for complete beginners, who have no idea about Henna and feel that a 1 day course will not be enough. We will teach you how to apply temporary ‘tattoos' using natural henna and how to decorate the designs with body paints and bindis (body jewels.) Using a stencil you will be taught how to apply henna paste to the skin and produce a fabulous design. For those of you who prefer to create your own designs and effects, you will also learn freehand application, using a cone applicator (just like a mini icing bag,) filled with henna paste. You can make your design as simple or intricate as you desire - let your imagination run wild! Because the ‘tattoo' is temporary, once it has faded, you can start again and create a totally new design!